Monthly Archives: September 2015

Unintended Consequences

Okay, so here’s the story. I took my afternoon break this afternoon with a fist full of peanuts. My break consists of taking my lawn chair out to a corner beside the garage where a nice breeze whips around the house. It’s a wonderful spot where I can see the pond and the front of […]

New Free Adult Coloring Page

Sam just added a new free adult coloring page in Adult Coloring. Check it out. It’s awesome and has a wonderful quote (though I may be prejudiced… 🙂 ).

Sam’s Place

Check out the new coloring page that Sam just added to her site – also available at my Etsy Shop. Click here to see it in Etsy.

A Lizard Tale

I decided to take a break today. So I got a glass of wine, a lawn chair and found a wonderful shady spot under some trees beside the sidewalk out back. There was a nice breeze, beautiful sky, and all was right with the world. You know the feeling. Now beside the sidewalk are some […]

Florida Life Doodle Bug Mini Journal

Announcing our first Doodle Bug. We call these little journals “Doodle Bugs”. They are small (4″x 5.5″) for sticking inside a bag, purse, picnic basket, etc. Inside are 7 different shapes for filling in with doodles and then coloring. Blank pages beside each shape are for journal entries, or whatever you like. We hope folks enjoy […]