5 Ways to Make Your Journal Gift More Special

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A hand painted journal is such a thoughtful and unique gift. Not only are you giving a little piece of original hand painted art, but you are giving a gift that is useful and can be cherished for the future. You spent time and thought looking through all the journals to choose the right one. With a little more thought, you can make the gift of the journal into something even more special.

Here is a list of 5 ways you can make your Journal Gift more special:

  1. Inscribe a little hand written note and date the inside cover. The inside cover is lined with cardstock and just waiting for you to personalize it.
  2. If the journal is for a special occasion, like graduation, promotion, birthday, congratulations, or a special holiday, glue a meaningful picture to the inside front cover. Pick something that will bring a smile to their face. An example would be a picture of them in their cap and gown. Or, glue an inspiring quote that will serve them in the future when they need a bit of encouragement or support.
  3. Include a hand written note/letter to them that describes why that journal made you think of them. Tell them how special they are in your own words.
  4. Give the journal as a “just because” gift. Some of the most special gifts are those given for no special reason or occasion. If you see the perfect journal for them, go ahead and give it without waiting for some special occasion/reason like a birthday or holiday.
  5. Create a Journal Gift Package. Think of items that they would enjoy while writing in their journal. Items you could consider include:  a gel pen (great for journaling); incense; candle; tea; coffee; or even a bottle of wine.

Have fun with your journal gift. Even get a little “sappy” and don’t hold back on sharing how you really feel. It’s about how you make them feel with your gift. They will always keep and remember the feeling.

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