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Our First Christmas Romance Novella

Wooooohoooooo – we have just published our first Christmas romance novella as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. We call it a “sappy Christmas story” – because we love watching sappy Christmas shows this time of the year. The title is “Sandy Claws” and our author names are Erin and Dock Mullrany. We hope folks enjoy […]

Check out the merchandise that I’m creating with my art.

Simple Happy T-Shirt Handy Tote Bag Beach Inspired Tote Bag Bugle on a Keychain   Fun T-Shirt Baby Bodysuit Poster   Tote Bag   Coffee Mug Comfort Shirt   Note Card   Dragon Phone Protector   Wine Gift Bag   Ladybug Greeting Card

5 Ways to Make Your Journal Gift More Special

  A hand painted journal is such a thoughtful and unique gift. Not only are you giving a little piece of original hand painted art, but you are giving a gift that is useful and can be cherished for the future. You spent time and thought looking through all the journals to choose the right […]

Come Visit Us at Mainly Art on Oct. 21

Hi there, We will be at Mainly Art in downtown Bradenton on Saturday, Oct. 21. Come and enjoy the whole experience of the Farmer’s Market. See all about it at Here’s a sample of some of the journals that will be in our booth.

The Rules of Doodling

I have always said that there are no rules for Doodling. But what I have discovered is that people want rules. I think we have been so conditioned over the years to “follow the rules”, that we have a tough time with any situation that says there are no rules. Actually, when I stopped to […]


One of my favorite self-care tools that I use in my life is the act of performing a ritual every morning. My ritual is of my own creation, and really only has meaning for me. The purpose of my ritual is to get my thoughts into a positive state and start my day from a […]

Making the Hand Painted Journals

Follow along as I make a hand painted journal. The journal being made is a Fame & Reputation Manifestion Journal.

New Ritual

Today, Sam and I are starting a new ritual. Bottom line, it is about using the lunar month to clear out the old and welcome in the new. It will be like having a New Year’s celebration every lunar month. How cool is that? I believe rituals are important in our life. It’s our human […]

Doodle Art Coach

Today, I Officially Retired

Hi, so today, I officially retired from “working for the man”. I’m writing this entry with a bit of mixed emotions. Scared and excited at the same time. But as I write, there is a once feral cat sitting on my desk and keeping me company. Two months ago, this cat would run whenever we […]