Our New Mother’s Day Tradition

Sam and I stumbled on to a new tradition for Mother’s Day this year. She gave me some flower seeds back in February. I made a flower garden, my first flower garden ever, and had a wonderful time planting them. Most of the seeds grew, however, something did get in and dug up half the […]

Another Fun Idea for Using Paint Color Samples for Collaging Your Journal

Video for a Method to Personalize Your Journal

Handmade and Hand painted Journals

Here is a sample of some of the handmade journals I am creating. I’m listing a new one on Etsy every day. Journaling Let your words flow. Express yourself freely & fully.   Why Journal? Stress management tool Freedom to express yourself without critique or judgement Record pieces of your life Self-exploration tool Helps you […]

What do you mean, “Act my age”….

I love what this little fun piece says……..a perfectly good reason for not acting our age!!  

Jackson’s First Story

After my daily walk, I came into the studio and found Lucy and Larry, relaxing on a tube of acrylic paint, looking up at Jackson. I asked them what was going on. They explained that Jackson was a great story-teller, and he was going to tell them a story. I asked if I could listen […]

The New Employees First Day

Imagine my surprise this morning when I came into the studio and discovered that the three new employees had been into my stuff and found the little sticky stars. They had stuck stars all over themselves. Good thing I came into the studio when I did, or I would have no little sticky stars left. […]

3 New Friends

They were very excited about getting to have a much needed bubble bath. The tall one stuck his face into the bubbles to make the 2 short ones laugh. They enjoyed their bubble bath so much, I hated to make them get out of the sink. It was then outside for some relaxed drying time […]

My first Christmas painting this year.


Adult Coloring Questions

We received some really good questions about Adult Coloring on Saturday. The questions told us that others may have the same questions, so I put together this example focused on providing a bit of guidance for those who want to try Adult Coloring. I used one of Sam’s pages from one of her Adult Coloring […]