A Few Tips on Journaling:


❖ Consider leaving the first sheet blank – for a Table of Contents – if you want to find a memory or an entry at a later date, you will be glad you did

❖ Only list what you would want to read again in your Table of Contents

❖ Date each entry

❖ Don’t edit or critique what you write or draw – be free to let whatever comes out happen

❖ Consider keeping multiple journals, based on topic or purpose (ie: keep your venting journal separate from your gratitude journal – venting is about writing how you truly feel and leaving it on the page, not to revisit)

❖ There are no rules – there is no right or wrong way to keep a journal

❖ Very Important – your journal is for your eyes only, so you are totally free to be yourself – you never have to share it unless you want to

❖ Enjoy – it’s about the process not the product



Use the POWER OF JOURNALING to create and celebrate the life you desire.

  1. Choose a Special Journal – one that feels special to you
    • One you want to keep and fill with positive energy and joy
  1. Use a Favorite Pen
  2. Create a Journal Time Ritual – design a ritual that works for you – that puts your mind in a positive state
  3. Have Fun Writing – in the present w/gratitude & appreciation
    • Imagine and describe what you desire as if it has already happened
    • Vividly feel what it is like to have it, then write it down
    • Record the blessings that you begin experiencing daily
    • Relish in the excitement of all the positive vibes coming into your life
  1. Enjoy revisiting previous entries and remembering the moments
    • Gain clarity on what you really want
    • May discover that your real desires are not what you originally thought