The Rules of Doodling

I have always said that there are no rules for Doodling. But what I have discovered is that people want rules. I think we have been so conditioned over the years to “follow the rules”, that we have a tough time with any situation that says there are no rules.

Actually, when I stopped to think about it, there are some rules for doodling. Even saying “there are no rules” is a rule.

So for all who need and want to know “the rules”, here is my list of Rules of Doodling:

1. Anything goes. There is no right or wrong way to doodle. It’s just a bunch of marks and patterns that you create on a page. Sometimes you will like it, sometimes you will use it to start your next fire.
2. There are no mistakes. If you make an unintended mark, then you just incorporate it into something new in your doodle.
3. You do not need to know exactly how it will turn out. The doodle just evolves as you make more marks and patterns. You can start out with a plan if you want to, but you don’t have to have the end in mind. In fact, one of the best attributes of doodling is the discovery of where your doodle ends up.
4. Don’t compare your doodles to the doodles of others. Only compare your doodles to your own doodles. As in life, everyone has their own unique style and voice in doodling. Theodore Roosevelt described it best with saying “Comparison is the thief of joy”.
5. My final rule, Doodling is about the Process, not the Product. Enjoy the Process for the relaxation and for diversion from worries, fears, and that damn inner critic, and let the Product be whatever it is.

There now, you have some rules, so get to Doodling!!

Love Ya,

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